Tuesday Talk*: The Day After

There is an outside chance the we’ll know the winner tonight. If the turnout at the polls today is light. If the returns for the day favor Joe Biden in key states. We’ll know. Don’t bother arguing for or against a candidate. That part of our existence is over for the moment, so resist the impulse.

Will there be any possibility of our House continuing undivided?

As Rodney King famously said, “Can’t we all just get along?” Can we? Have we given up on tolerance? Is compromise no longer possible? Are the goals of left and right so irreconcilable that one must win and the other lose?

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Ironically, these words come from the Great Emancipator, who has since been canceled.

Is there a path to House united or are we now too divided to keep a viable Republic?

*Normal Tuesday Talk rules do not apply. No touting your candidate. No attacking the other candidate. No Barleycorn porn pics.

70 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk*: The Day After

        1. SHG Post author

          Finally, concise and cogent. Your one comment today is now done. Have a great day, JB, and don’t forget to vote.

  1. Skink

    Presidential elections, pish. In the Swamp, the real knife fight comes with the election of Mosquito Control District Commissioners. They fly cool aircraft real low over the marshes and spew Raid. But their real authority, that which can cause open warfare, lies in the power to decide who gets stung and of those, who catches some salt marsh disease.

    I closed all the hurricane shutters and put the truck in a vault. I’m armed with a large can of Off. I’m ready.

  2. Richard Parker

    I, largely, want to be left alone. One side wants to tell me what to do, a lot! And they’re getting serious about it.

    I, largely, don’t want to bomb little brown people who have done me no harm. The other side wants to continue to make it the national sport.

    What to do?

  3. Corey

    “People who hold different political beliefs than myself are the enemy” was the same logic employed by Robespierre, as he murdered all his friends and then was killed in turn himself… These young radicals really should learn a thing or two about past revolutions if they plan on surviving the one they are pushing for.

    1. Rengit

      Reading the thread, there’s a lot of “you tolerate differences over what tenth of a percentage the tax rate should be or whether to have carrots or peas for dinners, you don’t tolerate differences in morals”; this talking point is common amongst the under-30 crowd that is very active online. Nice to know that these people’s conception of free speech has such a copious breadth.

      1. DaveL

        you don’t tolerate differences in morals

        The Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition approves this message.

      2. B. McLeod

        What’s hilarious is that the vast majority of people voting for the “party” candidates have compromised all their personal morals (at least their ostensible ones). The one thing we can bank on, when the dust settles, is that an old, white, straight, cisgender male, overtly racist, dishonest guy with limited cognitive ability, and who has been accused of sexual assault, will be elected president of this country. And a bunch of these fucking idiots will celebrate like it was, well, something to celebrate.

      3. Luke G

        Not only that, but they are so willing to say “we can disagree over politics, but not over human rights!” as though “human rights” is some sacred thing that exists outside of politics.

        So you think too many black people getting killed by police is a moral disaster? Fine, that’s a non-political idea. But then you have to decide how you fix it- what training, or rules, or funding shifts, or whatever- and all of a sudden it’s politics. But as long as you just speak about high ideals and not how to make them happen, you can pretend to be moral.

    2. Curtis

      Some of them have protests with a guillotine. I cannot think of more apt metaphor but they are too ignorant to get it.

  4. Scott Spencer

    I would like to think that the majority of people are too busy just living to really get upset and start a civil war over this. But, as an example, my brother stopped talking to my dad after the last election and refused to allow my parents to see the grandkids unless they apologized for their vote. Eventually they agreed to disagree but things are still tense.

    My point is, it would be great if we could all be adults and realize that things are not as dire as either side makes it out to be but I am skeptical. Hopeful that we can all continue without lives tomorrow, but not surprised if I am eating the rice I stockpiled for the next six months.

    If we do have a civil war do I have to keep paying alimony?

    1. SHG Post author

      Yours isn’t the first family I’ve heard about where that falling out has occurred and the grandchildren were the pawns.

  5. Keith

    The outrage appears to be a negative feedback loop. We were always different, but we didn’t know from the nitty gritty of others differences.

    These days, it’s all on display. And when you couple that with power being removed from localities and being thrust into the national spotlight, we virtually guarantee that the anger will continue as control is the only means of living in an enclave that values the same things you do.

    So no, we are doomed (unless we figure out a way to let things we dislike happen in places we never visit anyway – mostly because we didn’t like how they did things there.)

  6. John S.

    Today, we cast our votes for the candidate of our choice, through preference or selection of the lesser of evils. Tonight the screaming and yelling will begin with the court motions filed as soon as the polls close and the information highways and airwaves will overload with acrimony from all sides. This is the current state of our electoral process.
    Tomorrow, the sun will rise over our beloved country and we will continue with our daily lives, regardless of who holds the reigns of power in our capital. The partisan divide will narrow somewhat until the next election cycle, and most of us will be able to shake hands in broad daylight less fearful that we will be castigated on social media for exercising common courtesy.
    But a small, even fanatic slice of our population will gather together, crossing all political boundaries to celebrate a uniquely American event that is almost as infrequent as presidential elections. They will smile and nod to each other, many with the smiles that come with the fulfillment of a long unsatisfied desire to renew their unique status. They will once again stand out as unashamed zealots of consumerism and rise above the mockery of the herd, united not by ideology, but by freedom of choice.
    For a limited time, McRib is back…

    God Bless America

  7. Denverite

    You asked for a good joke. You are right we all need to at least try to relax a bit. Here is one with a dog, a bar, and baseball. The trifecta.
    Man goes into a bar with his dog. Says, ‘Can I get a free drink if I show you my dog can talk?’
    Sure says the bartender.
    Man to dog – What’s the opposite of smooth? Dog: RRRRuffff
    Bartender – BS that doesn’t count.
    Man to dog – What’s on top of a house? Dog: ROOOOFFFFF
    Bartender – BS doesn’t count. One last try for you.
    Man to dog – Who’s the greatest baseball player of all time? Dog: RRRRUUUUTH
    Bartender – BS – you’re outta here
    As the man and dog slink out the door the dog turns its head to the man and says – Willy Mays?

  8. Charles

    Every election, we are told that it is the most important election of our lives. Ergo, this election is the least important election for the rest of my life.

  9. B. McLeod

    Probably the bitter divisions will remain, and some form of the “mostly peaceful protests” will continue, though perhaps by the opposing lot now. So long as the Supreme Court does not step on it, nutjobs from each faction will continue to seek out friendly federal judges for nationwide injunctions. All the hat on the pole as swipes will continue to push their respective hats and poles.

  10. Jason K.

    I think calling this a left-right issue is a misleading oversimplification, as it masks the motivations. The central conflict in play appears to be primarily around two radically differing views of the U.S. and our future. One is that the U.S. and its principles generally good and flaws can be addressed. The other view is that the U.S., its principles, and those that support them, are irredeemable and are to be replaced. The latter sees themselves (or wants to be seen) as being on a moral crusade, and will not be easily deterred.

    The latter have been being created over the decades through unchecked Marxist propaganda (social justice identity politics is Marxism, just with identity switched in for class), of which Howard Zinn plays no small part. However, two major accelerations came about. One through social media, with the dominant radicalization appearing to stem from Twitter with Facebook playing a significant but likely secondary role. Both echo-chamber people, but Twitter is explicitly designed to create polarization. The other major accelerator is the death throes of news media specifically and the old media model in general. This has led the news media to ever more aggressively pursue eyeballs through rage-bait which helps feed the ‘U.S. is irredeemable’ worldview.

    At this stage, it would likely take radical action to prevent the coming violence. If elected tyrant and tasked with averting as much of the violence as reasonably feasible, my major actions would likely at least consist of;
    Shutting down Twitter and Facebook.
    Banning Zinn and derivative works from educational institutions.
    A planned transition of the legacy media into a sustainable modern model.
    Encouragement/creation of pro-western propaganda.
    Mandatory prosecution of rioting and rioting related charges.

    However, none of these actions are in line with American principles, hence ought not be done. So, buckle up.

    1. PseudonymousKid

      Jason, your half-baked ideas and ignorance are extremely comforting to hear on election day of all days. Even though you’ve demonstrated that you are allergic to books and thinking, make sure you get out there and vote as is your right.

      I fucking wish “identity politics” were Marxist in any sense, but they aren’t. Thanks for making me sad.

      Please open a book and read some more before trying to put together a thought of your own. It doesn’t have to be by the great devil Howard Zinn. I’d suggest something more basic like the Manifesto, since you have no clue what Marxism is at all, start there. You can skip Capital or read a summary of it. The economics are outdated anyway, and it would take you an eternity to get through. Adam Smith’s the Wealth of Nations could be a substitute if you’re inclined. Next up is Lenin. He wrote a lot and with your reading skills it might take some time, but it’ll be worth it. In other words, you’re invited to my reading club. We have socially distanced bean bags and popcorn and meet weekly. All are welcome. Yes, even you.

        1. PseudonymousKid

          Somewhat, thanks for caring. Good thing I enjoy prune juice. Jason’s comment was a perfect storm of triggers for me apparently. I couldn’t help myself. I still can’t, but I don’t want to derail this into a discussion of what is and isn’t Marxism.

            1. PseudonymousKid

              You should have seen the first draft, but point taken. I’m sorry to be such a disappointment.

            1. Jake

              Au contraire, mon ami, I’m actually a big fan. But one must be a critical thinker to listen to the JRE if you want to avoid being led astray. He rarely challenges the validity of his guest’s claims. In fact, in all these years, the only guest I’ve ever seen him call bullshit on is Alex Jones.

  11. CLS

    This one’s kind of a dumb laugh.

    A six year old boy is trying to convince his four year old brother to start cursing.
    “When I go in for breakfast I’ll say “hell.” You come in and say “ass.”
    The four year old boy agrees.

    The elder child goes in the house. Mom asks him what he wants for dinner. “Aw hell Mom, I’ll just have some Cheerios.”

    So Mom gives the six year old the ass whipping of a lifetime. She even goes to wash his mouth out with soap and then sends him to his room until he learns to talk better.

    Mom comes back to find the four year old wide eyed and blubbering,

    “What do you want for breakfast, sweetie?” Mom asks.

    “I don’t know,” blubbered the little boy, “but you can bet your ass it won’t be Cheerios!”

  12. Erik Hammarlund

    Q: “Damn the niceties! Screw you if I win, screw me if I lose” is the mantra of people who…?

    a) Are sure they will never lose;
    b) Enjoy a highly polarized and relatively dysfunctional country;
    c) Are complete hypocrites; or
    d) All of the above.

    Answer due next week.

  13. Jake

    Divided populations who are members of the same economic age can get along. Unfortunately, that’s not what we have in the US right now. Unless and until those pining for a return to the industrial age capitulate…Viva Cascadia!

  14. L. Phillips

    The frau has been after me for several weeks to get out the carpet cleaner and make myself useful. Today is the perfect day for it. The machine is noisy enough to blank out the drivel from the TV she will be glued to.

  15. David Meyer-Lindenberg

    I do like how this Twitter user named herself after a character best known from Romeo and Juliet, a play with a thing or two to say about blind partisanship and where it leads.

      1. David Meyer-Lindenberg

        lol. Not Diana, though she is a dazzling enough character that if someone told me Shakespeare had written her, I’d believe it.

        1. SHG Post author

          I kinda knew you weren’t talking about Diana.

          This love that thou hast shown
          Doth add more grief to too much of mine own.
          Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs;
          Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers’ eyes;
          Being vexed, a sea nourished with loving tears.
          What is it else? A madness most discreet,
          A choking gall, and a preserving sweet.

  16. Curtis

    If Trump wins the election, I am leaving America. If Biden wins the election, I am leaving America. Nothing political, I just want to travel abroad.

    I posted this on Facebook and was really scared that one of my family members would make a nasty partisan comment but so far so good. There is hope.

  17. phv3773

    As best I remember, the vitriol began during the Clinton administration. That was also the dawn of the internet. Coincidence?

    I think the name-calling and conspiracy peddling will go on for a long time because a whole generation (or two?) has been taught that that’s the way it’s done.

  18. Will J. Richardson

    “If you accept a democratic system, this means that you are prepared to put up with those of its workings, legislative or administrative, with which you do not agree as well as with those that meet with your concurrence. This willingness to accept, in principle, the workings of a system based on the will of the majority, even when you yourself are in the minority, is simply the essence of democracy. Without it there could be no system of representative self-government at all. When you attempt to alter the workings of the system by means of violence or civil disobedience, this, it seems to me, can have only one of two implications; either you do not believe in democracy at all and consider that society ought to be governed by enlightened minorities such as the one to which you, of course, belong; or you consider that the present system is so imperfect that it is not truly representative, that it no longer serves adequately as a vehicle for the will of the majority, and that this leaves to the unsatisfied no adequate means of self-expression other than the primitive one of calling attention to themselves and their emotions by mass demonstrations and mass defiance of established authority.”

    — Kennan, George F., American Diplomacy (1984), p. 123.

  19. Scarlet Pimpernel

    “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?”

    — Joshua (1983)

  20. KP

    The sad thing is that people can’t see it is not Republican against Democrat, it is politicians against the people. They are all just professional parasites, living on the money stolen from other people’s pockets. They add nothing useful to a country that people can’t add themselves if they wanted to.

    Its not worth getting worried about, or even voting, you should realise you are going to get screwed over. No matter who becomes the Govt, the politicians will all go to the bar and have a great party with each other afterwards and laugh about how rich they are going to become riding on your back!

    Considering how superior Americans have felt about how they ‘invented’ democracy, the rest of the world is amused by what they have done with it.

  21. B. McLeod

    I think it will be called by the end of the business day Friday. It is inexorable. Once the Man of the Moment hits his stride, no injunction can ever, ever stop him.

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