Now This is Real Police Work

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury:  This . . .  is proof.  This is what the prosecution should have produced for you if they had any case at all.  No, not asking you speculate and guess, to use your “common sense” to make up for the fact that there is no evidence, not a shred of evidence at all, that the defendant committed the crime.

Do not accept it.  Do not close your eyes to the evidence and imagine proof where none exists.  This is what you would have seen if there was any evidence to convict the defendant at all.  They’ve got nothing.  Nothing!


Heheheheh.  From Make My Mood via Ed at Blawg Review.

2 thoughts on “Now This is Real Police Work

  1. gng

    As a professional computer programmer, the image enhancement scenes kill me every time.

    If there was a way to magically make crappy digital images have perfect clarity at arbitrary zoom levels, why would digital cameras with mechanical zoom lenses (or expensive digital cameras at all, for that matter) exist? I don’t get how people can possibly suspend their disbelief enough to enjoy those shows…

  2. Thomas R.Griffith

    Sir, that episode made us laugh as well.

    This posts makes me think about the expectations some jurors must have. Then afterwards, how does this effect their paying any further attention and logical decision making once reality and TV Drama don’t jive?

    This could be one of the many reasons for Grand Juries passing out indictments like candy and for subsequent wrongful convictions. Then again jails are packed with people thinking the very episode will help prove their innocence and all attorneys defend like Mason & Matlock. Thanks

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