Mike Grieco Is Available For Comment

Via South Florida Lawyers blog:

And they’re”insightful!”  And “dynamic!”  And “outspoken!”

Terrence McCoy over at Riptide broke this amazing story.  According to Terrence, this appears to be an email Mike sent out to the media:

Are you a member of the media? Do you care about Justin Bieber? Of course you do. Silly question.

That’s where I, Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco, come in. Not only am I a former state prosecutor and defense attorney — but I’m  also available for comment. Right now. Call me. I know I told you last  time that I’d only ask once. I was wrong. Whatevs. But, really, last  time I’m asking: Let’s talk Bieber. (Please.)

–XOXO Michael Grieco

It appears that Grieco thought he had nailed the Justin Beiber defense, and his first reaction was to protect his client let the media know he was available for interviews!!!  When Roy Black was retained, Grieco looked kinda silly. Well, more than kinda, actually.

When the realization he wasn’t representing Bieber dawned on him, Team Grieco dispatched one more note.

Writes Flack Grieco’s flack:

I recently sent you email about celebrity criminal defense attorney Michael Grieco who is in Miami Beach and available for legal commentary. While following the breaking news information, we mistakenly noted that Mr. Grieco was working with Justin Bieber’s attorney Roy Black. We want to make it clear that Mr. Grieco is not working with Mr. Black on the case. Please excuse our error.

To prove he means business Griecs sent over the his press kit to convey the full breadth of his experience, charisma, and ability to look good while unfurling platitudes on camera. For today’s chuckle, click here.

Does your press kit include a video of a day in your life?

Oddly, some of you have such a video, just in case you too have a Grieco opportunity.  After all, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to become a star, even if you aren’t a Celebrity Criminal Defense Lawyer like Mike Grieco.  At least not yet.

23 thoughts on “Mike Grieco Is Available For Comment

  1. chug

    So much comedy in that video:

    “I’m a lot more self confident than people think. It takes a lot of work to put that front up.”

    And I can type! On my laptop!

    And we are cool – no foosball here. We have a pool table. And I play in my suit.

        1. SHG Post author

          The son is cute, but even that (aside from using his son as a prop in his video) reflected a troubling issue. You see, most of us are parents, and he’s really not all that special for having what pretty much everyone else has too. Yet, he thinks this distinguishes him. Weird.

    1. SHG Post author

      I didn’t. In fact, I wasn’t even aware MacBooks could get tattoos. Do their owners know what they’re up to when they go to the tattoo parlor on their own?

      1. Victor Medina

        The thing is, all you old folks are getting Apple computers. It’s not the hipster cred it used to be. So, hence, the tattoo.

        Just think how much better a lawyer you can be with a cool sticker adorning your shiny laptop. It will stick out from the other laptops at Starbucks – easier for clients to find you.

          1. noah

            My favorite is a takeoff on Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” decal with the apple in the strategic place.

            The real hipsters paint their own computers.

  2. MAC

    I feel disappointed. I hoped the second press release and day-in-the-life video included a statement to effect, “you Yankees must do things different up north – here, the first to issue a press release retains the client….because we don’t hide behind a computer….maybe we should step outside wherever you want…”

      1. John Barleycorn

        Just a technical reminder that even some seasoned “pros” fail to master.

        Always look where you want to go and never forget a little rear break in conjunction with throttle and an awareness of the sweet spot of your clutch’s friction zone makes all the difference when low speed maneuvering the U-turn.

        And never, never forget target fixation will get you killed.

        Keep your feet on the pegs out there children you have a job to do.

  3. Ken Bellone

    I know they exist, but narcissistic clowns like the one in the video just help to illustrate why I find it so hard to be a “people person”. Like Timothy Olyphant’s character in “Justified” said, “If you wake up in the morning and run into an a**hole, he’s an a**hole. If you run into a**holes all day, maybe you’re the a**hole”. I seem to see enough of them, so…….

  4. Turk

    Are you sure this wasn’t satire?
    Or maybe someone trying to do reverse SEO to damage the guy’s rep?
    Because it sure looks like one or the other.

    And I hate to contemplate that third option…

  5. William Peacock


    Did you see that he got on Piers Morgan? Not much of an achievement, but maybe there is something to sending shameless “XOXO, Mike Grieco” lettters.

    I know hyperlinks are poor form. I wrote a “this guy is a whore, oh wait, nevermind, he won” post on our Strategist blog if you want to see the Piers Morgan appearance. (He, of course, has it up on his YouTube channel.)

    1. SHG Post author

      There was a time when I used to call such people media whores. But then I caught a lot of shit from whores for demeaning them, so I stopped.

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