The Void

There were supposed to be posts this morning. I awoke and had posts to write.  My fingers were willing, but my host was not.

As I’m about to leave for breakfast, SJ is back up and working. It had been dead all morning because my host, A2Hosting, couldn’t manage to do its job.*  I assume it’s more of the mean bullies who have been plaguing it over the past week with their brute force attacks.

I understand this stuff happens. I also understand that they’re in the business of hosting, of taking money from guys like me to perform a function. They failed.

So now that my window of opportunity for today slammed shut, the posts that should be here are not. Instead, this tepid apologia for having nothing worth your time exists in its place to fill the void.  Sorry.

*This is not a request or opportunity for you to tell me about your favorite internet hosting business. I’m begging you, don’t.  Seriously.

9 thoughts on “The Void

  1. Bill St. Clair

    Nothing stops you from composing offline and pasting into a post when your host comes back up.

    Most hosting services have occasional glitches. Only worth changing if it happens a lot.

    1. SHG Post author

      No, nothing stops me except for the fact that I don’t do it that way and don’t plan to change the way I do things because of other people’s failures.

  2. John Barleycorn

    Eggs Benedict with to order hollandaise (extra extra butter until the yokes are nearly can’t handle it, not too much lemon juice, and an extra dash of tabasco).

    Might want to go for a Bloody Mary or two for an appetizer because, what’s the rush, the inter-tubes are broken…

    This afternoon perhaps a Moscow Mule or two while supervising the kids split wood.

    1. david

      Personally, i add sautéed mushrooms, and while tabasco is a good option, a chilli oyster shooter is a far superior option. Just sayin’

  3. Nigel Declan

    The only person owed an apology in this case is you, SHG, though I am doubtful that one is forthcoming. My only disappointment is that I will not be able to read that which you were going to write.

  4. KP

    Mr SHG, I’m sure it angers and frustrates you more than us. We are the lucky recipients of your writings, and have no reason to be apologised to.

    Its like carefully writing a long email, only to have it crash, and then having to rewrite it all again. Its something I hate, I have had all those ideas, I’ve expressed it all and poured it out, and there is nothing left and no enthusiasm to re-do it all.

    We look foward to the future.

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