Commissioner Bratton: You Too

Following the disgraceful conduct of NYPD officers, in uniform and in front of national media, turning their back on Mayor Bill de Blasio for not loving them enough, Commissioner Bill Bratton tried his hand:

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is so worried his cops will turn their backs to his boss, Mayor Bill de Blasio, at another NYPD funeral that he sent out a memo to shame them into good behavior, sources told The Post.

“A hero’s funeral is about grieving, not grievance,” began the four-paragraph plea, which is being read at precinct roll calls ahead of slain Officer Wenjian Liu’s Sunday service.

This was a curious effort, short of a command but a plea where Bratton put himself on the line.

Bratton won’t punish officers who choose to turn their backs to de Blasio — which was done in droves at the funeral for fallen Officer Rafael Ramos — but he pleaded with the rank and file to shelve their anger.

“I issue no mandates and I make no threats of discipline,” the memo said. “But I remind you that when you don the uniform of this department, you are bound by the tradition, honor, and decency that go with it.”

And when Mayor de Blasio began his eulogy at P.O. Liu’s funeral, the officers of the New York City police department told Bratton what they think of him.

Almost as soon as [Mayor de Blasio] finished adjusting the microphone to his tall frame and began his eulogy for Officer Wenjian Liu, the protesting officers on the streets outside the funeral parlor, following the ceremony on screens and over loudspeakers, pivoted away from the building.

Bratton sought to create the scenario where no ultimatum was issued, thus forcing him to do something about the small army he commands and, by extension, embarrassing himself when he did nothing.  But he expected that they would honor “his request” to not turn their backs again.  They didn’t.

In the meantime, a mayor elected upon a promise to put the people ahead of the cops, at least when it comes to tossing black kids by the millions for kicks, used a funeral to make himself look as pathetic and weak as possible:

Mr. de Blasio ended his eulogy on Sunday with an oblique reference to the frayed relations he vowed to repair between officers and some minority communities, as well as the deepening rift between many of those same officers and his administration.

“Let us move forward by strengthening the bonds that unite us,” he said. “And let us work together to attain peace.”

For those who find it difficult to understand exactly what’s being said, due to the thick New York accent, this was the conversation:

Bratton:  Please don’t make me look like a complete fool.

NYPD: Fuck you. Do something about it.

De Blasio: You win. Don’t make me cry.

There is no mystery about what the rank and file demands. They want the city brought to its knees in every way, from money to death to blind adoration.  They want to believe they’re the heroes, and if you don’t, they will beat you for questioning that they’re the “good guys.”

Bratton thought he could salvage his dignity with a plea without ramifications.  De Blasio thought he could mutter some sweet nothings.  As if the rank and file would say, “aw, shucks,” we’re just a bunch of nice, unionized public servants who will let go of our historic self-interest and delusional hero myth because you, Bratton and de Blasio, are such swell guys.

It didn’t happen. What do you plan to do now?  The people of the City of New York want to know.  Who owns you, guys?  Who serves whom?

14 thoughts on “Commissioner Bratton: You Too

  1. drouse

    I can just see it. Two cops tuning up a “suspect”, one shouting “stop resisting” and the other one going “don’t you know we’re the good guys”.

  2. Henry Berry

    The public and provocative petulance of a significant part of NYPD is undoubtedly unfavorably affecting the image of New York City. De Blasio and Bratton along with many editorials may not be able to do anything about the resistance to common sense and fair dealing. But I expect that many individuals who might have been thinking about moving to NYC to live and develop a career and businesses that saw the city as a favorable environment for operating and attracting employees are having second thoughts. The police petulance will have economic effects—as it is already as evidenced by the drastic reduction in parking tickets and other low-level infractions.

  3. JLS

    “For those who find it difficult to understand exactly what’s being said, due to the thick New York accent, this was the conversation:

    Bratton: Please don’t make me look like a complete fool.

    NYPD: Fuck you. Do something about it.

    De Blasio: You win. Don’t make me cry.”

    I have to say, you really have a gift for translation!

  4. Fubar

    From an alleged pamphlet on career development advice for police officers, denounced both by unions and various government officials as fraudulent:

    To become a great shaker and mover,
    Don’t play dress up like Tolson and Hoover.
    That’s too easy today.
    There’s a much better way:
    Just perfect Vikki Dougan’s maneuver!

    Obligatory Limeliters song reverentially remanded to SHG and Mr. Barleycorn for any further proceedings deemed appropriate.

  5. John Barleycorn

    Billy Boy really needs to start video conferencing these “suggestions” to his crew during their roll call briefings instead of having the station house stripes read his memos.

    If I were his handler I would suggest he intermittently suck on a lolly pop. Just the ticket to accuant the New York accent and let ‘um know he is serious.

    P.S. I am back in the Bay Area for a bit Fubar. You should hit the esteemed one up for my email. I will send him a few PBA stickers for his MG or whatever that sports car he drives is for his troubles.

      1. John Barleycorn

        Not even close.

        Under normal circumstances I would have Q-ed up a stroll through your archives (always worth a stroll new back page readers).

        I trust you mount your wrist watch in a special holder on the dash when making the repetitive rounds around the neighborhood?

        If not a riveted piece of worthy leather over the watch brings the thinking and throttle together.


        You can do better.

        Don’t kill any “children” in third gear.

        1. John Barleycorn

          Unless your brother-in-law is a cop…. Never mind.

          Shouldn’t have gone there.

          Never mind………………………………………………….

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