New At Mimesis: The Other White Meat

Starting today, I will be contributing posts on “the business, practice and culture of law in addition to anything else he damn well pleases” at Lee Pacchia’s Mimesis Law.  For those who haven’t paid any attention at all, I’ve been doing videos with Lee for a while now (they can be found on my sidebar) in an effort to reach a very different audience than the one inclined toward SJ.

As regular readers know, I’m fairly lousy with sticking to a brand, as all the internet ninjas say a blogger is supposed to do.  I write about whatever strikes my fancy, and some of you send me nasty emails or leave vicious comments to tell me that I’m not doing what you think I should be doing, because my latest post doesn’t thrill you.

Tough nuggies.  But I digress.

The plan is that I will contribute posts to Mimesis that tend to deal more with inside baseball practice of law sort of stuff that would only be of interest to other lawyers, if anyone.  Not to give too much away, but Lee is putting together some of the most interesting and thoughtful minds in the blawgosphere to join in this endeavor, people who I think offer the most valuable ideas.

We will most assuredly not agree about a lot of things, but that’s what makes life interesting.  What there will not be is shallow, fortune cookie advice geared toward the lowest common denominator in the bar. Think of this as the anti-Puddle, where there will be no place for people who get headaches whenever they’re forced to think.

For many readers here, Mimesis will be of no interest to you whatsoever.  Don’t expect posts about evil cops and malicious prosecutors, though some may find their way in there by accident.  There will be nothing for the “bad cop no donut” crowd.  It’s highly unlikely that John Bad Elk will ever be cited, except with derision.

I won’t be riding herd over the comments there as I do here. It’s Lee’s house, and he can do as he sees fit. Whether he plans to ride them hard or soft is none of my business, so if you’re one of those commenters who never makes it to the surface here, maybe you will have a better chance there. I don’t plan to respond there, so you can call me any name you want without fear that you will get a smack in return.

And in case you’re wondering why I’m doing this, it’s because former Bloomberg Law pretty boy Pacchia is putting something together that will elevate the level of discourse amongst lawyers, and be an alternative to the downward spiral of stupid that permeates the legal interwebz.  And he’s given me that chance to contribute.  I can’t help it if I’m lucky.

10 thoughts on “New At Mimesis: The Other White Meat

  1. Nigel Declan

    I’ve greatly enjoyed your Mimesis Law videos and I am hopeful that your new project will be excellent as well. I had been waiting to comment, but an appropriate post had not arisen until now. I look forward to what is coming next.

  2. Not Jim Ardis

    I’ve also found the videos fascinating, even as a lowly paralegal student.

    I’m sure I will likewise find these new posts to be very interesting.

    Why you gotta be so down on yerself, man?

  3. John Barleycorn

    It is going to be a challenge to top that Alistair Cooke vibe you two have going on in the intro music of those videos you reference but we will be rooting for ya.

  4. Chris Ryan

    Are you going to have a regular pattern to your posts there, or is this going to be a check every day to see if you posted something new?

    Yeah, yeah, ianal, but the blog simply having your recommendation means I will read it for a while to see if its of interest.


    1. SHG Post author

      I supposed it should have a pattern, but that’s a question for the boss. I write ’em. He posts ’em. The next one will be up come Wednesday.

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