Meet Fault Lines, And Show It Some Love

Remember that “vertical” that caused some consternation?  Well, it’s alive! Meet Fault Lines, the new criminal law and justice section at Mimesis Law.  If you like what you read here (or hate it, we’re not picky about who reads), take a quick trip to Fault Lines, where you will get more pie than ever before.

The good news is that there will be posts from me, as well as Cristian Farias and Tamara Tabo, our inaugural team of writers.  Expect more writers as well, the primary criteria being that they be knowledgeable and honest.  We hope to have people writing from varying perspectives, challenging bias and each other. We look forward to making this as real as it gets when it comes to criminal justice issues.

The better news is that there will be no moderation of comments, except for spam. So if your comments failed to meet the threshold for thoughtfulness here, there is a soapbox for you at Fault Lines.

Now, please show Fault Lines a little love by checking it out. maybe leaving a comment, and adding it to your daily reads.  And no, you didn’t win the contest, but you’re all winners in my book. *hugs*


22 thoughts on “Meet Fault Lines, And Show It Some Love

  1. bmaz

    Who is Cristian Ferias?

    Sounds shaky. I do, however, like Cristian Farias, he works hard and tries to get things right.

  2. John Barleycorn

    Do these uptown blawgs give away coupons for free caramel covered apples for the first few thousand visitors and if so do they track the IP address?

    1. John Barleycorn

      “The key to achieving this is to present honest, rational thought, well-supported by law and/or logic, and reflecting information that adds to knowledge rather than muddies it.”

      Isn’t that what prosecutors do during the presentation of grand jury testimony?

      There better be caramel covered apples…

      1. John Barleycorn

        Click here for your for the three remaining free T-shirts:

        If the 97 T-shirts I secured don’t have “tipping point” rhetoric silk screened over the uptown artwork I am going to iron on pink bunny rabbits to the sleeves and resell them on eBay and use the proceeds to found a sugary cereal company that puts miniature courtroom and law enforcement props in the boxes.

  3. onislandtime

    I look forward to Fault Lines, and just wanted to thank you for this blog. I have to thank your usual commenters as well. I’ve been reading long enough that I felt a little dirty not acknowledging you all.

  4. Rendall

    Huh. Someone has a column there called ‘A Moment of Simple Justice’. Is that like a quicker, more nimble version of your blog?

    1. Rendall

      Wait, they are videos of you but by someone named Lee Pacchia? The world is a strange and magical place.

  5. Thomas R. Griffith

    Sir, congrats! are in order for the entire SJ & Mimesis Teams’ along with a hardy Happy Birthday to Fault Lines & Co. Wishing everyone the best and great success shoring up that slippery slope. Warning, the B-Day card is in the mail and kinda racy but I’m told that it’s perfectly legal.

    Thanks for all that you continue to do on behalf of others.

    C-ya over at FL.

  6. Jeff K


    Your most recent post on Mimesis about plea bargaining looks like it was intended to be tagged under Fault Lines but if you click on Fault Lines (both in the banner at the top and the tag right below the Lady Justice image in your post) the plea bargaining post does not show up on the list of Fault Lines posts.

    I only point this out because it would be unfortunate for readers to miss your content if they are only clicking the Fault Lines tab. Happy to pass this note on to Mr. Pacchia if you think that’s helpful or, alternatively, readers can go to the main Mimesis page and ctrl + F Greenfield to see your posts.

    1. SHG Post author

      You’re right. I just asked Lee to fix whatever isn’t working right. Thanks for the heads up.

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