An SJ Holiday: Free Man In Paris (Update)

I’m taking a little break to close out the end of 2015. SWMBO has asked me to put down the computer, and so I will. No mouse will touch my fingers. Instead, I plan to hold a café au lait (at least until later in the day) in one hand and anything I can find in a pâtisserie in the other.

And as has been my Christmas tradition, a little holiday cheer:

Thank you all for taking your valuable time to read SJ. And to everyone I’ve offended in 2015, I’m sorry. You’re awesome. *hugs*

See you in 2016.

Update: I’m back. It’s December 31st. Get over it. And you’re still awesome.

12 thoughts on “An SJ Holiday: Free Man In Paris (Update)

  1. Ehud Gavron

    Mmmm… Chinese food!

    Merry Christmas, Scott!
    Thanks for keeping the sharp edge on the snark all year 🙂


  2. Nigel Declan

    Merry Christmas, Scott, to you and yours! Reading your posts remains one of the highlights of getting up in the morning.

  3. Rick Horowitz

    Wow. Fortunate free man in Paris. Bunny Chafowitz and I will have to settle for our traditional outing to Tang Dynasty and a movie in Fresno. Be safe! And enjoy! Best wishes for the rest of 2015 and beyond. (My nod to Star Wars.)

  4. Kathleen Casey

    I had to google SWMBO. Plainly you are not free. But that’s all right. Merry Christmas to you and SWMBO.

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