Names in the News, Volume 1

First: Fellow blogger (who also has some other job) Jonathan Turley has been named as Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s top pick for the Supreme Court of the United States.

While I am not ditching my day job just yet, I am honored by Governor Johnson’s consideration. If nothing else, it got my students to stand up as I entered the class. I had assumed that the class was recognizing the achievement of my Chicago Cubs in clinching of a spot in the National League Championship, but this is even better.

Poor taste in sports teams aside, this may be my one shot (a long one, granted) of ever becoming a Supreme Court clerk and becoming filthy rich afterward by selling Turley’s secrets to the highest bidder. Seriously, isn’t it about time we had a blawgger on the Supreme Court? Go Gary Johnson!

Second: The winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature is Bob Dylan, once appreciated only by the terminally cool.

He doesn’t dig poetry, he’s so unhip that
When you say Dylan, he thinks you’re talkin’ about Dylan Thomas
Whoever he is
The man ain’t got no culture
But its alright, Ma, everybody must get stoned

About time.

It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe.


20 thoughts on “Names in the News, Volume 1

  1. Murray Newman

    Surely I’m not the only one who, when seeing a hyperlink to the words “terminally cool,” thought a picture of your college yearbook picture from 1967 was going to pop up.

  2. david

    As a big Dylan and S/G fan, big props for plugging Idiot Wind, and A Simple Desultory Philippic. While the answer may well be blowing in the wind, it take a train to laugh at a Trumper trying to work out the way to the gates of eden, ‘cuz I ain’t workin’ on Hillary’s farm no more whether they are going to hang me on desolation row or steal my leopard skin pillbox hat.

  3. Keith

    The options for our future appear so deplorable. I would hope that Johnson & Turley could provide some shelter from the storm.

      1. Keith

        Every time I try violating the no link policy before having coffee, 8 come back to a reply equivalent of blood on the tracks.

        Moral of the story: don’t think twice, it’s alright:

        1. John Barleycorn

          still working on this thought I see… you might conspire with growing out your beard. you can always bring it “back”.

          Look forward to that “clean” post.

          Aggregation grieves well, its true it does.

  4. John Barleycorn

    Walk the Line!

    If you fluffed, shame on you!

    Patience,………………………………… that thing good trial lawyers own!!


    You “Rocks Stars” disappoint!

    Must be the ____________________ ____________________________ _______________________


  5. John Barleycorn

    Just imagine what the mixes would be today, and the mood in the streets, if Marley and Saddler crossed paths?

    Get back to work!

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