10 thoughts on “Friends, Friends, Friends, We Will Always Be

      1. The dissent

        I’ve heard Michelangelo Signorile before and have found him to be a reasonable voice, so I was a bit taken aback when I saw his name on this. But that’s the nature of sacred cows, I suppose.

        I probably wasn’t run into the ocean because I wasn’t one of the heathens that actually sinned voted for Trump. I was about as outspoken #NeverTrump as one could be in this election cycle and my crime against gaymanity was saying that people might have had personal issues that were so important to them that they chose a different candidate. That was it. That was the straw.

        A lovely same-sex couple with adopted bi-ractial children suddenly decided I was persona-non-grata and our kids playing together while we broke bread with each other suddenly meant nothing.

        2017 is gonna be a hoot.

  1. Nick Lidakis

    I read the _whole_ thing. I had the urge to shove anal beads into both ears. Can I claim a sales tax exemption for them as a medically necessary device?

  2. Dragoness Eclectic

    What an idiot! I’ll bet that the woman’s thought on being ‘unfriended’ and having this giant article publicly displayed about it is not “Oh, no, I have been shocked out of my comfortable life and must re-think my politics!” It’s much more likely to be “Wow, I never knew Mike was such a dick! I’m glad he unfriended me after all.”

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