Short Take: Bad Cop, Good Cop

Not that I’m an aficionado of rap music (I’m not), but Rob Hustle is killing it on Youtube.

Music, like humor, is an extraordinarily effective means of communicating a message that may be a bit too tedious to read about. Just as Jay-Z did with 99 Problems, and Rob Hustle did with his last video, Call the Cops,* he does it again here. Great stuff like this deserves as much play as possible, and I am thrilled and honored to do what I can to help Rob Hustle get the eyeballs he deserves.

*This video appears somewhere on SJ, though a quick search failed to find it. If anybody can tell me what post it was, it would be appreciated.

23 thoughts on “Short Take: Bad Cop, Good Cop

  1. Frank Miceli

    What a letdown this morning. I’m more or less inured to anti-cop sentiments around here but not this. Why does Leonard Bernstein’s “radical chic” party for Black Panthers come to mind? How is it that otherwise intelligent, au courant people are impervious to the facts?

    Who suffers when cops are systematically denigrated?

    When BLM emerged from the fever swamps to attack cops, progressives cheered, liberals went along, Dems embraced the cause and the MSM mounted a full throated campaign. Soon, incidents that once would have been seen by city hall as routine or as regrettable but expected in police work resulted in cops being disciplined or reassigned. The use of force or violence against blacks, even when the officer was himself black, brought cries of “racism” and resulted in cops being subjected to multiple investigations, local, state and federal in turn, and multiple prosecutions (“If the first one doesn’t get him, try, try again”). When cops were cleared they still lost their jobs. And beyond all this, police were faced with rising levels of violence against them, with a major increase in gun murders of officers.

    But this is not the worst of it.

    In response to the decks being stacked against them by the authorities, to the generalized hatred from progressives and increased violence at the hands of blacks, cops backed off from proactive policing. As a result, according to Heather Mac Donald, an additional 900 black males were killed in 2015 nationally compared with the previous year. Seven thousand blacks, overwhelmingly male, were killed in 2015–2000 more deaths than all white and Hispanic homicide deaths combined, though black males are only 6 percent of the nation’s population.

    In 2016 many major U. S. cities suffered elevated homicide rates: St.Louis, 59.3%; Baltimore, 51.2%; Detroit, 45.2%; New Orleans, 44.5%; Cleveland; 34.7%; Newark, 33.4%, and many others.

    The Wall Street Journal reports that this year is the third in a row with increased homicide rates. In Baltimore thus far in 2017 homicide rates are up 20%, on track for its highest on record. Other cities like New Orleans and Philadelphia are also contending with double-digit percentage surges in homicides. In Charlotte, N.C., homicides are up about 70%. After soaring last year to a homicide rate of 27.9%, killings in Chicago are running 5% higher.

    Political leaders and police officials say the common denominator is that arrests, especially gun arrests, are down. Cities with large black populations are paying a fearsome price. BLM agitators and their sympathizers are silent. Rappers and other agitators stoke the flames.

    1. Noxx

      Still safer to be a cop than oh, any job in the trades, and those don’t even come with sycophants.

    2. maz

      Having just finished reviewing all LE gunfire deaths for 2016 and 2017 to date, it appears to me if you’re serious about reducing cop killings, you’d advocate for better mental health treatment for U.S. veterans and a repeal of laws prohibiting felons from owning guns, as those seem to be the two most obvious tentpoles.

      Anti-cop hysteria fanned by nicely trenchant rap videos? Not so much…

  2. Frank Miceli

    I failed to define “homicide rate.” Herewith the definition: number of homicides per 100,000 residents.

    Yes, I think arguments built on facts and quotes have more punch, with a minimum of snark as polemical leavening.

    Off topic? I’d be obliged to hear what the message of the video is if it’s not the assertion that police are racists and routinely commit infamies against innocents.

    1. SHG Post author

      And you also neglected to use the reply button, so you started a new thread. So what are the chances anyone (aside from Ken, who obviously likes you) will read all that?

      1. Frank Miceli

        It’s become obvious I don’t belong here.

        I enjoy and profit from many of your comments as well as those some of your contributors, especially Judge K, but we disagree so profoundly on the role of policing, with neither side able to nudge the other by a millimeter, that I think it best that I move on.

        There are few topics more important to our well-being as a united people today.

        If you come to the Bay Area and are inclined to look me up, I know a terrific Sicilian restaurant in Berkeley. My treat.

        Goodbye and good luck.

        1. SHG Post author

          As I told you before, that’s entirely up to you. Next time I’m in the Bay area, I’m taking up on your kind offer.

        2. Billy Bob

          All Sicilian restaurants are terrific. Are you lip-syncing Mr. Prez. Donald? That’s the problem! Whether San Fran, Nu Yawk, Looong Island, Staaaten Island, or just plane-jaine Calabria, Italy. Ha. (Don’t try sending your entree back at any Sicialian restaurant, if you catch my drift? Been there done,… in the Bronx, a bureau of Nu Yawk City.. Do they have CatLick Churches in The Bronx? You betcha! And all the priests go to the EyeTalian restaurants whenever,… they get their own private dining rooms where no one can see them gorging their fat bellies on leftover pasta fagioli and rice.)

          Hey Frank, you’re a hell of a guy for coming one hear and taking punishement like a man. You know, we cannot just have a one-sided anti-c0p bias hear. That would be “preaching to the choir” and hairesy. We kneed your c0ntrarian input and/or contorted logic, even if inappropriate and “off-topic”. So BB’s advice is not to give up the ship of P0lice State Amerika; keep trying. We thought you were getting better, till the Host slammed you again. But ya know, somethimes he’s bipolar and off-topic himself. So don’t let him get to ya, if you catch my drift?

          How did you wind up in San Fran anyhow. We’ve been to San Fran several times and never met a c0p like you. Let me guess: You were underc0ver, possibly in drag?!?
          All the best,
          Billy B0b, somewhere on the Right C0ast,
          and Righte0us as Hell.

      2. Ken Mackenzie

        I too, lost interest in Frank’s avoidance of the issues. Is it really too much to ask that the police do their job, within the law, without killing people for disobedience, or on the off chance they might be dangerous?

        1. SHG Post author

          Having the same arg over and over gets tedious. I like Frank, but for his rather lengthy arguments, he never understood the problem.

  3. JimEd

    *This video appears somewhere on SJ, though a quick search failed to find it. If anybody can tell me what post it was, it would be appreciated.

    A medium search failed to find it. You may be experiencing a fever dream or other false memories. You may be confusing SJ with the twitter or other blo/awgs you frequent.

  4. jim ryan

    Locate something within a website (iff it exists): “Call the Cops”

    If “Call the Cops” is the true object of the search.

      1. jim ryan

        Yes I tried it and got 3 pages of hits within simplejustice. I then perused those 3 pages and really wasn’t sure if “Call the Cops” was the appropriate subject to search for, hence my hedging in the last sentence and my Google Hacking DataBase skills could use a refresher.

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