10 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, 2019

  1. Hunting Guy

    And a happy Turkey Day or National Alka-Seltzer Awareness Day, depending on your mood.

    And may your football team win, or at least not lose so badly it’s embarrassing.

    1. wilbur

      My Bears have pretty much shot themselves in the foot this year, but we’ll see how they do in Detroit today.

      I fried our turkey and made all the other fixins yesterday. Mrs. Wilbur be working today, so I’ll blessedly be home slurping some football.

      That is, after I go hit some balls at the local course. Luv that Fla living.

  2. Andrew Marshall

    Scott, I am thankful for quality attorneys, such as yourself, who fight the good fight day in and day out. It is truly an inspiration.

  3. Howl

    Among the many, many things for which I give thanks, is this here Hotel. Thanks to the proprietor of this establishment, and all the folks who contribute their thoughts (and music!) and by doing so, help me think and learn. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
    Sheesh, I hate it when I get maudlin. Let’s do something about that . . .

  4. Bear

    Thanks to those that post and all that comment on Simple Justice. Every day I read it my life is improved because I’m forced to think. Not easy at my age, but still useful and I appreciate it.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  5. John Barleycorn

    Did you remember to let your children know that you were going to give up SJ as a blog and go with a subscription only, printed on paper weekly, SJ zine in celebration of your first grandchild today?

    Raising them little fuckers is a-hoot…



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