What If She Were Black?

She’s white, so she’s Karen and, well, tolerated to the extent of not beating her. But if cops have to debate the merits of their actions with every person who refuses to comply with their commands, or people only have to comply when they approve of the cops’ actions, what comes of it.

But the kicker is when she says “I can’t breathe,” which has become the go-to phrase for obvious reasons. Pour another cop of joe, then sit back. Watch, There’s a lot to unpack here.

Was 61-year-old Cindy Dicorrado the victim for refusing to leave the bagel shop because she wouldn’t wear a mask as required? Would it have gone differently if she were black?

17 thoughts on “What If She Were Black?

  1. CLS

    What an insufferable bitch. If she were black she’d at least have been tased for resisting arrest. Whoever filmed that might’ve caught a beating if they were black and went for Cindy’s purse one more time.

    1. SHG Post author

      On the one hand, this reveals the fallacy that cops are somehow required to debate their actions and that compliance is somehow related to their agreement with the lawfulness of the cops’ actions. On the other, they are quite tolerant of her. Would they have been so tolerant if she was black? Some would. Some would not. But the probabilities are that they were far more accommodating of her in their limited use of force to remove her and arrest her than they would have been otherwise.

    1. SHG Post author

      Civil disobedience doesn’t mean you get to do it without consequences. It means your passion for the cause is worth getting arrested, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced. I expect to see a lot more of it too. I just hope they pay their lawyers well.

  2. SHG Post author

    Much as I don’t discuss posts on twitter, this twit raises a valuable point, and since Hugo didn’t make it in a comment as I asked, I want to bring it into the discussion.

    1. SHG Post author

      There are a list of “divisive” biases that permeate law enforcement in general, and it’s true that they are often used divisively. Is my raising the question of whether this would have happened differently based on race needlessly divisive, or is there sufficient validity to the question that it was worthy of mention? Is there a tipping point between raising issues of bias and divisiveness?

  3. Gregory Prickett

    I’m not sure that the restraint by the cops was based on color as much as age.

    COP TIP:

    Telling the police that “I am not under arrest” while being arrested never works, and only provides evidence for the resisting charge.

    It ranks right there with the “You work for me” and the “I’m going to sue” comments.

    FASHION TIP (from some one with no sense of fashion):

    Don’t wear leopard print if you are over 29 years old.

      1. Kathryn M. Kase

        This response by you, Scott, would seem to answer your questions above as a result of the Hernandez tweet.

        And in this perp’s defense, she should get points for not wearing neon.

  4. Ross

    Not sure a Black woman would have been treated any differently, but a male of any ethnicity would have been face first on the floor pretty quick. Having built my expertise by watching about 500 LivePD clips(that’s an attempt at humor), police appear to be somewhat more gentle with women than men, and more tolerant of resistance. Except for the impaired woman in another clip on that Karen Twitter feed who was dropped pretty quickly on her face after trying to get back into her car to leave the scene of an accident.

    As for calling this civil disobedience, this is not anywhere close to civil disobedience. This is an entitled woman who doesn’t believe she can be trespassed by a property owner because of “muh freedumbs”. I decided a while back that any encounter I have with one of these evildoers is going to result in me using language that would disappoint my mother.

    1. Gregory Prickett

      They are only more gentle with women until the first time that they, or one of their partners gets hurt by a woman. For me, it was when a suicidal woman kicked my sergeant in the nads, and she could have been a Kilgore Rangerette. After that I had no hesitation in striking a woman, etc.

  5. Richard Parker

    “It” has even spread to hiking vlogs on YouTube. The comment sections were until very recently genteel “You Go Girl/Guy!” cheering sections for Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail through trail hikers. I now find references to “white privilege”, ” Karens”, and “BLM”. I even saw a comment recently about “Boomerism”.

    To me, the youth of this country are diseased. To the youth of this country, they can’t wait for me (and you) to die. I understand to a point – if I see one more dreamy reference to Woodstock or Bob Dylan, I may throw myself though a plate glass window on my own.

    1. SHG Post author

      While I don’t know that you use the word “diseased” in this sense, I agree that they are suffering from anxiety, depression, despondency and nihilism, which both guides their antipathy toward others and precludes them from the hard work of seeking serious and viable ways to improve their world. Last time I hiked, it was to Yasgur’s Farm with a few close friends.

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