But For Video, The Texas Mask Massacre

Every once in a while, a bodycam video comes along that contradicts so many beliefs that it’s hard to pigeonhole. On the one hand, the cop didn’t shoot the guy, which no doubt some will decry as the distinction of the maskless miscreant surviving the encounter. See how nice they are to white people?

On the other hand, cops are supposed to hug and kiss their own, not call in that they’re armed and dangerous in a legal carry state.

Who wins? Remember, the answer can be no one.

21 thoughts on “But For Video, The Texas Mask Massacre

  1. Guitardave

    @1:25…the psychology of a conflicted sociopath is revealed…dripping with false affect, “It was simple…all you had to do was…” (dance like a fucking puppet on a string for me) … the classic authoritarian appeal.
    This guy should be driving a desk till he gets a couple years of therapy.

    The guy getting harassed had a lot of patience and good situational awareness. I think he knew he was dealing with a adult sized disturbed child with a gun and badge. If it was me I’d have realized that while I was twitching around on the ground after saying something dumb.

    1. LocoYokel


      Simple rule that SHG has stated many times “Don’t argue with the cop”, comply and file a complaint later.

      In this instance, however, the guy was wrong on all counts. He’s in the store without a mask, he’s carrying a gun and refuses a legitimate order to keep his hands away from it, multiple times, on top of arguing with the cop, as I said below I’m surprised that all the cop had out was his taser. First time he didn’t raise his hands or put them back down after being told to put them up he *should* have been twitching on the ground. You don’t screw around with a cop (or anyone) when you are carrying, period.

      And really, all he had to do was go out and put on a mask, it really wasn’t that difficult. Regardless of what you might think of the mask orders, they are the law in many places.

      1. Guitardave

        LY, Thanks for telling me a bunch of stuff i already know.

        PS; Compliance IS the reason we have so many bad laws, Gandhi.

      2. Pedantic Grammar Police

        Exactly. It’s like he thinks he lives in some kind of free country or something. What a moron.

        1. LocoYokel

          With freedom comes responsibility. We can debate the propriety of mask laws but they are there now, and with a diabetic wife who gets sick at anything I am currently grateful for them. When we get this covid thing licked then we can repeal them and discuss (and address) overreach in the other regulations currently in force. As Scott has said, if you want to practice civil disobedience be prepared for the consequences.

          I am no fan of cops, but go up to any cop, anywhere, with a gun visible on your person and start getting belligerent and let me know how it turns out, if you’re still alive to do so.

    2. delurking

      If the officer just happened to walk into the store that day and accosted the guy in that manner, that is one thing.
      If the store owner called the police because he asked the armed guy to wear a mask and the guy refused in a similarly rude manner, that is a different story.
      Is the beep-beep the moment the officer hit record? If so, that implies he was called to the store.

  2. LocoYokel

    Guy was stupid, now he’s probably going to lose the carry permit for 5 years or so unless the cop is feeling nice and only tickets him for not wearing a mask. Don’t know that I would bet on that outcome after the hassle he gave the cop.


  3. Elpey P.

    “Dispatch, i’ve got him disarmed. Still uncooperative.”
    “Well, which is it, young feller? You want I should freeze or put on a mask? Mean to say, if’n I freeze, I can’t rightly put on a mask. And if’n I put on a mask, I’m a-gonna be in motion.”

  4. John Barleycorn

    The mask ordinance aside, one would think a jacket and bolo tie, at the minimum, would be required before entering an establishment named My Meerah.

    Well, at least one practical question has been answered via this clip regarding the to tuck or not to tuck the t-shirt into ones shorts dilemma.

    So there is that, I guess?

  5. Quinn Martindale

    Given that this is from Waco, overly aggressive law enforcement fits pretty neatly into preexisting beliefs.

    1. Miles

      Gotta hand it to you, you’ve got an excuse for everything, no matter how full of shit it is. “Oh it’s Waco, so it doesn’t count.”

      You’re not stupid, but you are such disingenuous little bitch.

  6. miketrials

    OK, Ofr. Friendly was having bad hair day, perhaps. But really, is this the best we’ve got, that he was excessively aggressive, verbal type, to Citizen Dumbass who, 425,000 dead Americans later, needed to argue about the (mere) city ordinance compelling masks, and not simply leave the premises? Is this any more than the shopowner could have asked? Or Is CA, perhaps, simply Citizen Snowflake?

    How about if, it being Texas after all, OF chose to ignore the fact that CA was exercisin’ his raats to the potential infection of himself and others, by opposin’ that unconstitutional ordinance? Would OF have been elevated to the pantheon of MAGA heroes, right between CA and the Two Cops from VA? “Officer discretion” might have saved his job, but what would the comments here look like? Just wonderin’.

  7. MelK

    What’s this? You didn’t mention the stinger… The dude accosted by the officer had his own body camera rolling as well.

      1. MelK

        I considered the fact relevant to how the officer’s footage became public in the first place.

        Given my close friends Dunning and Kruger, I am unable to determine if any post I write is actually of value to anyone here. I have relied on our host, and the regular commenters, for calibration.

        This not being a Talk Tuesday thread, I expected that were my comment not worthwhile, it would be trashed. Or if not trashed, then reviled. Thank you for providing feedback. I stand chastised.

    1. Guitardave

      No, its not your imagination. What it is, is what the comments look like when our dear host doesn’t trash the stupid shit. And yes, I am aware that some of the ‘stupid shit’ that gets trashed could be my own, but I’m totally OK with that, as anyone whose been around here for awhile should be.

      Whether its petty name calling, or a reply that starts out, “With freedom comes responsibility.” you quickly realize you’re dealing with a bonehead. They think that they’re some kind of life-coach with their little nuggets of bullshit, cliche ‘wisdom’, and, better yet, they start bringing up personal issues that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject at hand in a covert effort to push your empathy button…Check my reply to that nonsense. ( it was either that or the exploding head.) They all should’ve been trashed.

      The job of editing the comments is thankless, as us readers never get to see the garbage that’s tossed. I think this comment thread is just a small glimpse of the level of stupid that shows up here, so…..

      HIT THE TIP JAR, Bob,( and everyone)

      HIT IT TWICE! One for the writing, and one for the mind numbing, depressing task of having to read such stupidity before hitting ‘delete’ so hard you hurt your hand.

      1. Charles

        It also seems to be worse when the post starts out, “Every once in a while, a bodycam video comes along that contradicts so many beliefs that it’s hard to pigeonhole.”

        Ah, yes, let’s immediately pigeonhole this one.

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