No Apology For Being Thankful

There are some who passionately believe that it’s their duty to ruin Thanksgiving. It used to be that they were duty-bound as allies to inform their less-woke relatives at the table of how privileged they are and wrong about everything. It now includes the duty to inform them of their complicity in genocide, ethnic cleansing, stolen land and colonization, demanding the right to acknowledge that the land upon which their table sits once belonged to others from whom it was stolen.

Screw that. History is replete with people doing bad stuff to other people, and good stuff too, though it’s never good enough to match up, no less overtake, the bad. But we can’t change history, good or bad. We can only do better ourselves, and one very important way to do so is to be appreciative of what we have, family, friends and the opportunity to tell them how thankful we are.

And that’s what my Thanksgiving is going to be about. If misery is your gig, go for it. If you think ruining other people’s Thanksgiving is going to make anyone want to join you in wallowing in misery, you’re likely to be very disappointed. And they will be disappointed in you, no matter how hip you feel about yourself. There will be someone at the table who is not thankful, unappreciative, and it will not be crazy Aunt Agnes or mean Uncle Tom.

Thank you, readers of SJ. Thank you my cultural ninjas, Howl and Guitar Dave. Thank you, commenters, even the ones who make my head hurt. Thank you, supporters who hit the tip cup to keep this hotel open. And a special thank you to Beth, whose Herculean efforts save me from my errorist ways. Together, we make SJ happen.

If you can’t find it within you to feel love and joy for your loved ones, and appreciate the gifts you enjoy, then that’s your choice. I choose to be thankful. I hope you will too. Happy Thanksgiving.

28 thoughts on “No Apology For Being Thankful

  1. CLS

    I’m thankful for the opportunity to tell dumb jokes each week here.

    And for turkey. And ham.

    I’m still on the fence about turducken, though.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    1. SHG Post author

      I wasn’t sure what to do with you this morning. Do I thank you for your Friday Funnies or are you as much a part of SJ as I am, and to thank you as if you haven’t become as much a part of the soul of SJ as I am? I don’t think there’s any regular here who doesn’t look forward to your FFs and see them as vital to SJ as I do, so I made my decision. Happy Thanksgiving, Chris. Love to Dr. S and my niece and nephew.

  2. Guitardave

    Thank you, Scott, for creating and maintaining this place, making me less stupider, and allowing me to do my thing.
    Also, a huge thank you to commenter who helped me out recently in a time of need. It got me through a bad spot…(things have stabilized since then…a bit more work, and i sold some stuff and stashed the cash for padding on the slow weeks)…it really helped, and it’s greatly appreciated. Bless you, kind soul.

    As for the one’s who want to rain on the parade and tell us how its all a lie, we’ve heard it all before.
    Maybe, just for today…

    1. Guitardave

      Oh, i forgot…Happy Thanksgiving to all.
      …and may your pie be almost as good as my Moms…(it’s the best in the world, and no, you can’t have any.)


    Happy Thanksgiving to all here and especially to Mr. Greenfield and family. I’ve learned a lot here, (although not enough to keep from saying something stupid sometimes).

    Now to get the bird ready, make an attempt at Yeast Rolls and prepare my first Thanksgiving dinner as chief cook and bottle washer.

  4. Jake

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. It’s been a rough couple of years, but there’s much to be thankful for, and that’s what I will be focused on today. Now pass the sweet potatoes!

  5. JG

    Thank you, SHG, for Simple Justice. I always look forward to reading your musings and those in the comments. I had a Torts professor who told us, “It is the little things in your life that can keep you sane.” It is odd the things that stick, though I think the “little things” can just as easily make—or keep—you insane. Here’s to family blurring that line today! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. LocoYokel

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

    Many things to be thankful for this year, among which is this here hotel we all gather at daily.

  7. Vincent Morrone

    Happy Thanksgiving Scott. Enjoy your holiday. I hope your day is filled with loving family, great friends, and wonderful food.

  8. B. McLeod

    A nice day, weatherwise. Grass is still growing and rosebuds are still opening, far later than they should be. To go with the feast, I picked through the cellar for some wines from my 2016-2017 brewing season. Cranberry, strawberry and cherry. Now for a little celebratory guitar. A Thanksgiving of wine and song.

  9. L. Phillips

    The frau, kids, their spouses, grandkids, one dog, and one cat – all surrounding a perfect prime rib, twice-baked potatoes and something called “salad”. Good times. Thankful for all of them and for being allowed into the foyer of this interesting hotel.

  10. Bruce Coulson

    Happy Thanksgiving! I don’t always agree with you, but I always find your column interesting and fun to read.

  11. Miketrials

    Not wanting to be part of a Pyongyang pep rally? Maybe there are those who are genuinely glad we inhabit a place where SJ can thrive, while at the same time genuinely disagree, at times, with what you say, and more to the point how you say it , and even when we can agree. We’ll happily pay our share of the freight, just don’t be confused as to what that means.

    1. SHG Post author

      Sit down. I have something to tell you and it’s going to make you sad.

      In big boy world, no one expects you to either agree with everything or how it’s express it. This is inherently assumed. There is no orthodoxy involved, and so there is no need to say otherwise because that would be a truism. There is confusion here, but it’s not what you and the rest of the gang at the pep rally feel it is.

    2. David

      What a gracious narcissist you are, Mike. No one ponders your agreement or disagreement except you. No one thinks of you at all. Kind of you to admit SJ into your genuine universe.

  12. Bev Watts

    I have enjoyed your blog almost every day for years. Rarely comment, but I share your thoughts among my family (mostly lawyers) and friends (again mostly lawyers) frequently. Thank you.

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