Remembering Dads

My father died in 2019. Dr. SJ’s father passed last November. Neither of us has a dad to send a card to, make breakfast for or give a gift to. The days of doing that are behind us now, but we don’t forget.

Mothers were the ones who nurtured us, fed us, wiped our tears and kissed our boo boos. Dads? They were the ones who would be stern when they got home. Things were a bit different back when Dr. SJ and I were young.

Dads were the ones who fixed things that broke and were too busy mowing the lawn to play catch. When we misbehaved, they were the ones mom told us we should wait for when they came home. We didn’t really appreciate dads as children. But we grew up and realized how important they were in our lives.

We miss you, dads. We think of you today. Both of you.


7 thoughts on “Remembering Dads

  1. Jeff

    Mother’s Day has been, historically, the day of the year with the highest amount of long distance phone calls.

    Not to be outdone, father’s day is the day with, historically, the highest amount of collect long distance calls.

    That one little nugget should tell you all you need to know about a Father’s role in the family hierarchy.

    Happy Father’s Day, all.

  2. Chris Ryan

    Happy Fathers Day Scott! (And all dads)

    Being a dad is the hardest thing I have ever done and the most rewarding. I am spending this one in Taiwan sharing my wife’s home country with our three kids and enjoying seeing it through their eyes. The only way I know to really thank my Dad, as he would shrug it off, it to pay it forward to my kids.

  3. Terence Roberts

    I have had the distinct joy of being a dad twice. The first for my son who was born in 1975 when I was 33. The second was when We adopted our grandson at age 5 days and I was 69. I’m 81 now. Chris is 49 and Jason is 13.
    As I said: pure joy

    1. L. Phillips

      Terence, my hat is off to you. Have a daughter in her 40’s and a son about to round 50. Between them we have seven grandchildren ranging from 4 to 21. Love those kids like nothing else in this world but spending a family vacation week with the whole mob, which we try to arrange at least twice a year, really brings out how old the frau and I are. We feel like sloths trying to play handball.


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